Fantastic Gymnastics

"People don't do gymnastics because it's fun. Ask any gymnast... most of them will tell you that they hate it but love it at the same time. But their life wouldn't be anything without it. It's what they live for. They live for the trips to meets, long car rides, the parties, the dinners, the banquets. The undefinable amount of braces, tape, hairspray, the sickening amount of leotards and an unexplainable need for six inhalers. They live for the best friends they could ever ask for - lucky for them, they get to see them five times a week for four hours a day. They live for doing skills over and over again. They live to perform. They live for walking past other teams and seeing the fear in their eyes. They live for the encouragement and excitement when they get a new skill. They live for the crashes, the bruises, the sprains, the tears, the scars, and to hear their coach say 'you're alright, get up and try it again.' For the tears of frustration, hurtm and pain. They live to walk around in every gymnastics t-shirt and shorts they own, to let everyone know 'I'm a gymnast, don't mess with me.' They live for the meets, the friends, the practices, the memories, and the strangers that have become family. The pressure, that rush of nervousness - it's what they live for. Welcome to the life of a gymnast."

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